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Laser Surgery For Fistula(FILAC)

A fistula is an abnormal opening connecting the perianal skin to rectum (lower part of large bowel) or anal canal. Fistulas are thought to be a complication of an abscess in the perianal region, leading to pain or discharging pus or blood. Conventional treatment of fistula is to cut open the fistula(Fistulotomy or Fistulectomy). Even though this treatment is very successful in curing the fistula but has sever complication of pain and faecal incontinence( Uncontrolled leakage of gas, liquid or faeces through the anus or back passage). One of the latest treatment involves using of laser toe destroy fistula. This involves inserting a laser probe into fistula tract and burning the tract, thereby enabling the closure of the tract. This treatment, is done under anaesthesia, takes only a few minutes and usually pain free. The main advantage of this procedure is very little pain, no large cuts and there is no disruption of muscles around the anus ( No risk of incontinence). The disadvantages are it is expensive and there is a significant failure(There is a risk of fistula returning)

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